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A Cro::HTTP::PushPromise is a subclass of Cro::HTTP::Request. In a server context, it will be processed just like a request, the only difference being that the "request" originated on the server as a result of a response having one or more push promises. In a client context, it represents what was promised, and provides asynchronous access to the response that fulfils the push promise.

Getting the promised response§

The response method returns a Raku Promise that will be Kept with a Cro::HTTP::Response object when the promised response is delivered. Should that not be possible for some reason, then the Promise will be broken.

This will typically only be applicable in a client context, however the Promise will be Kept in a server context also.

Setting the promised response§

The response can be set by calling the set-response method; this keeps the Promise that has been, or will be, returned by response. Note that this will typically only be done by Cro internals.