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The Cro::HTTP::Cookie class represents a cookie, as defined in RFC 6265. In the context of a response or a useragent, all fields are relevant. In the context of a request being sent to a server, only the name and value have any significance, and the rest of the fields will be disregarded.


The Cro::HTTP::Cookie class has the following properties, which are all read only. They can all be passed in the constructor (new) or, to get a modified version of an existing instance, passed to clone.

  • name - the cookie name; constrained to only contain the characters allowed in cookie-name per RFC 6265 (required)

  • value - the cookie value; constrained to only contain the characters in the range specified in cookie-octet in RFC 6265 (required)

  • expires - the expiration time of the cookie, specified as a Raku DateTime

  • max-age - the maximum age of the cookie in seconds, specified as a Raku Duration (in the constructor any Real may be passed; fractional parts will be rounded)

  • domain - the domain the cookie is restricted to, if any; specified as a Str constrained per RFC 6265

  • path - the path the cookie is restricted to, if any; specified as a Str constrained per RFC 6265

  • secure - whether the cookie is only to be sent on a secure connection; a Bool

  • http-only - whether the cookie should only be sent in HTTP requests, and so hidden from, for example, JavaScript running on the page; a Bool


The to-set-cookie() method serializes the Cro::HTTP::Cookie instance into a value to be set as a Set-cookie header. The to-cookie() method serializes the cookie into the form name=value for inclusion in a Cookie header.

The method from-set-cookie method, to be called on the Cro::HTTP::Cookie type object, parses the value of a Set-cookie header and, provided the parse was successful, returns a Cro::HTTP::Cookie instance representing the parsed data. If it cannot be parsed per the syntax in RFC 6265, then an error will be thrown. Extensions (extension-av in RFC 6265) are permitted but will be ignored.