Cro Template Modules

Using template files as modules §

Template subs and macros can be factored out into other template files. For example, given common.crotmp as follows:

<:macro layout($title)>

<:sub alert($message)>
  <div class="alert"><$message></div>

These could be imported and called as follows:

<:use 'common.crotmp'>
  <&alert('We missed you!')>

Templates are located in the same manner as if template were called in the route block that initiated rendering of the top-level template - that is to say, any registered template-locations will be considered, and if resources were registered as a template location those will be considered too.

In the module ecosystem§

It is also possible to create Raku distributions of Cro template subs and macros, for reuse across multiple applications and potentially for publication in the Raku module ecosystem. Such a library should:

1. Place one or more Cro template files in resources. 2. Make sure those resources are mentioned in the META6.json 3. Have a Raku module with an EXPORT sub, which is defined in terms of the template-library function exported by Cro::WebApp::Template::Library.

The module looks like this:

my %exports := template-library %?RESOURCES<foo.crotmp>, %?RESOURCES<bar.crotmp>;

sub EXPORT() {
    return %exports;

Supposing that the above code was in a module Some::Template::Library, they can then be imported into another Cro template as:

<:use Some::Template::Library>