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Additional sub-module that provides a set of helpers for dealing with date and time in different formats. It mostly works with standard DateTime class.

DateTime parsing§

Module exports HTTP-date regular expression, using which string with date and time in three different formats can be parsed.

These formats are: rfc1123, rfc850 and asctime, all of them are described in RFC 2616.

This regular expression should be used only for string checking and all conversion to DateTime should be done using DateTimeGrammar grammar and DateTimeActions class in this manner:

my $str = Sun, '06 Nov 1994 08:49:37 GMT';
my DateTime $time = DateTimeGrammar.parse(, actions =>;

DateTime Formatting§

For formatting a DateTime object to supporting HTTP format, routine rfc1123-formatter can be used. It takes a DateTime objects and returns a Str. Other supported for parsing formats, such as RFC 850 date and time format were marked as obsolete and hence not provided.